Browser fingerprinting

Disable Selenium Driver

In Kameleo v1.5.6 we introduced a feature that allows you to turn of Selenium Driver. This helps to eliminate annoying CAPTCHAs on websites. Here are the details. With Selenium Driver Before you could start the browsers with Selenium Web Driver. It resulted a smooth browser opening and closing while your fingerprint could be spoofed easily. […]

DNS resolution – No DNS leak

A very powerful fingerprinting tool is the DNS resolution. With this the sites force your browser to expose the DNS server you machine uses. If the DNS Server’s country differs from the country of your IP that can be suspicious for sites. It is called DNS leak. With Kameleo built-in proxy management you can prevent […]

What is browser fingerprinting?

Since the ancient times it is considered that the IP Address and the HTTP Cookies is the only reliable digital fingerprints which affects the online privacy and web browser identity. After a while, the privacy invaders began to looking for the ways to increase the user-tracking reliability to identify users from the general flow, they […]

How to get 100% anonymity?

We mentioned all the features of Kameleo but here we provide the recipe how to reach 100% anonymity on as you can see it in our video. Note that’s anonymity is just an indicator. You can still have perfect protection if you see 40% on Also the 100% anonymity won’t mean 100% […]

How Kameleo spoofs browser fingerprint?

You may heard about other different tools and ways how to have privacy. Here are some information why they don’t work with 100% privacy, and why using Kameleo is better than anything else. VPN: You may heard that using a VPN service can change your IP. It is true, but it doesn’t solve the above […]


Due to Javascript your IP address can be determined thru WebRTC. This should fit your real (or Proxy’s) IP address. By default if the Web RTC is enabled in Kameleo the public IP will be the same as your IP. Or your Proxy’s IP if you use one. We recommend not to to change anything […]


WebGL is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. WebGL apps consist of control code written in JavaScript and special effects code that is executed on a computer’s GPU. WebGL elements can be mixed with other HTML elements and composited with other parts of […]


Timezone can be also obtained using common JavaScript functionality. Kameleo can spoof this. There are two different ways to determine time: System Time (requested thru Javascript) Local time (based on the IP address) Kameleo spoofs the System Time, but if you want to reach 100% anonymity you will need to choose a timezone that fits […]


Other way of uniqueness is the list of installed plugins in your browser. If this is not spoofed it can leak information about you as well. Kameleo gets all the data from the Base Profiles so your mask will be bullet proof.

Javascript navigator

A lot of user data can be obtained using common JavaScript functionality. DOM Window Object and Navigator Object disclose much of sensitive information about the web browser: Architecture User Agent OS Browser System Language Screen Resolution Kameleo spoofs everything for you as you set up in the program. All other data (for example: UserAgent) coming […]

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