Common Problems

Connect Kameleo Mobile to Spoofing Engine

Connecting the Spoofing Engine with your phone can be unsuccessful. You may see an error message like: Error – Can not connect the spoofing engine! Here are a couple of things you can check to ensure that the connection will be successful: Providing the correct IP Kameleo on your PC prints all the private IP […]

Ping based proxy detection – Proxies are detected in your connection

Nowadays a new type of proxy detection is possible, but don’t worry it won’t really influence your work. This is the Ping based proxy detection. On modern browser fingerprint checking sites like it is already available. But no modern websites can really rely on this type of detection. Ping based proxy detection This is […]

Communication error

If Kameleo cannot connect to the internet properly, specially to our servers it will prompt you with a message like this: Kameleo Stopped due to multiple communication errors. The application is going to close. Please save your work, check network connection and restart. Basically Kameleo has to communicate with our servers. The authentication, the profiles, […]

The system cannot find the file specified

Lately this is an error message appeared for a couple members of our community when they try to launch the browser in Kameleo. We discovered that this can mean the lack of the Kameleo.ProxyServerV2.exe . It can be missing from you program folder because your antivirus software found it infected false positively. To solve this […]

Should I worry about MAC address spoofing while browsing?

Our community often asks us about mac address spoofing. Here we would like to make things clear. No, you don’t have to worry about your MAC address while browsing. Kameleo is not spoofing your MAC address but it is not a problem while you use a browser. Browsers cannot request your MAC address. Privacy fanatics […]

False Positive Alerts

Users who use privacy tools to change Browser Fingerprint often visit browser fingerprint checker sites like: They are really good websites where you can check the values of the different parts of your browser fingerprint. We recommend the and for canvas the The problem is that these sites are […]

Passive OS Fingerprinting

There is a problem that is often asked by our community. It is about passive OS Fingerprinting. We would like to tell you what is the problem exactly and how you can solve it. Many privacy fans prefer to check their Browser Fingerprint configuration on the website. It is an okay website with a […]

Cannot get 100% anonymity

It is often asked by our customers how they can get 100% anonymity on We have an article about the receipt: How to get 100% anonymity? In this article we also try to help you get 100% anonymity, but NOTE that’s anonymity indicator is not fully reliable. You can still have perfect protection if you […]

Language different

It is often asked by our customers how they can get 100% anonymity on We have an article about the receipt: How to get 100% anonymity? Still there is an often occurring problem that won’t let you have 100% anonymity: the Language different alert on whoer. NOTE that’s anonymity indicator is not fully reliable. You […]

Unknown error: no chrome binary at…

Unknown error: no chrome binary at C:\Program Files (x86)\Kameleo Team\Kameleo\Apps\Chrome\chrome.exe If you get the above error check if chrome.exe is existing in the given location. If not most likely your antivirus software removed it false positively. The best way to solve it is to reinstall Kameleo. Try to turn of your antivirus software during installation.

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