Connect Kameleo Mobile to Spoofing Engine

Connecting the Spoofing Engine with your phone can be unsuccessful. You may see an error message like: Error – Can not connect the spoofing engine! Here are a couple of things you can check to ensure that the connection will be successful: Providing the correct IP Kameleo on your PC prints all the private IP […]

Browser Automation

Kameleo changes the browser fingerprint so you will be able to stay undetected. Why not automate your tasks in the browser with it? This is a feature we are planning to release in the near future. Until then we provide a guide about a possible workaround. Also read below about our vision about Kameleo and […]

Cookie import and export

Importing and exporting cookies from Kameleo is available since Kameleo v1.8. This was a most wanted feature so the members of our community are able to: Transfer cookies from other systems to Kameleo Get the cookies from Kameleo and use it in other systems Please note that the cookies are also stored in your profiles. […]

Kameleo Beta

What is the Kameleo Beta? Developing a browser fingerprint spoofing tool like Kameleo is a hard business. We are facing difficult obstacles while we are fighting for online privacy. It usually takes long time to publish a fully functioning stable version of Kameleo. To keep the technical enthusiastic members of our community up to date […]

Kameleo Licence

The are a couple of questions being asked about Kameleo Licences by our community. We would like to answer them here. Can I use Kameleo on more computers? If you purchase a licence it will be an account that you can use to log into Kameleo on any machine. There is only one restriction: You […]

How to send a proper support ticket?

We receive a plenty of support tickets with just a couple of words like “Why can’t I login?”. To help you faster we would like to ask you to send as much information about the problem as you can. What information we need? What you try to do? How did you try to do it? […]

Self Diagnostics

Sometimes it can happen that Kameleo won’t work as you expected. We developed a Self Diagnostics function so every time Kameleo is not working you can try this. Also it is very useful to test your proxy. Please consider sending the output of the Self Diagnostics to us when you submit a ticket. How it works: […]

Set up Kameleo for Logging

In some complicated issues we will need more information. You will have to: Set up Kameleo for logging. Reproduce the error. Send us the logs. Get the logs of Kameleo The log files will be in the ‘Logs’ folder next to Kameleo.ClientGUI.exe (C:\Program Files\Kameleo Team\Kameleo\Logs) Attach the relevant log files to your support ticket Self […]

Quick profile

In other articles you could read a lot about profiles and how to configure them. There can be occasions when you just want to have a clear profile as fast as possible. This is why Quick profile button was created. It is like Incognito Mode in Chrome but much safer. It will start a random […]

How does the support work?

We hope that we could answer many of your questions here in this knowledge base. Each time you should double check it, maybe you can find the solution here. So finding the solution here will be much faster. To make life easier for you we provide a support service (for users with active subscription). You […]

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