Mobile Profiles

In Kameleo v1.8 we introduced the Mobile Profiles. We have a unique solution to change the browser fingerprint of a mobile device. About Kameleo Mobile Profiles Kameleo could already change the browser fingerprint of your desktop browser. The need of introducing mobile profiles was big since websites show more trust in mobile browsers You can […]

Multiple profiles

Since Kameleo v1.3 it is possible to operate with multiple profiles at the same time. It means you can run more browsers with different IP addresses and different browser fingerprints. Browse with 2 different IP addresses Imagine a situation when you have to browse with 2 different IP addresses. You could have 2 different computers […]

What is in a profile and why is it good?

Kameleo is useful to hide your real browser fingerprint. You can wear a mask by using it. There will be occasions when you want to wear the same mask multiple times. Imagine that you want to separate 2 activities. Then you will have 2 profiles for both. A profile means a concrete browser fingerprint. It […]

Notes and attachments

Profiles can not just store your fingerprint configuration, cookies, history but also notes and attachments. Here you can store your important notes (passwords, TODOs, etc) or simply save attachments as well. As you manage multiple profiles it will be very important to have these notes because you won’t remember everything. Imagine that you are using […]

What are the Base Profiles?

As mentioned in the article about profiles, a profile contains a bunch of configuration that specify your browser fingerprint. Many of them can be configured in Kameleo, but many of them are inherited from the Base Profile. It is required so your configuration will be like a real one. Imagine that a browser fingerprint is […]

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