Set up Kameleo with Proxifier

It is a bit tricky to set up Kameleo with a SOCKS5 proxy but with our tutorials our users could manage it. Setting up is a bit different for different proxy providers. We created articles for the most often asked ones. You can set up with a custom proxy provider based on these guides, or […]

Set up Kameleo with Proxifier and

Things you will need: Download Proxier Client: account and their Client (911 S5) Kameleo of course (we used because the community were sending support tickets about that they want to use Kameleo with Video We show you everything in this video as well. For more detailed explanation read the guide below. Set […]

Why is a proxy important?

Kameleo can help you to spoof all kind of browser fingerprints but it cannot change your IP. It can be a problem in some cases. You can avoid it by using VPN or Socks. VPN: Easy to use it, but your IP can be blacklisted and you cannot change it on demand. Proxy / Socks: […]

Set up Kameleo with Proxifier and Vip72

Things you will need: Download Proxier Client: Vip72 account and their SocksClient Kameleo of course (we used vip72 because you asked it the most often) Set up vip72 Login to the service List required proxies Double click one of them Be careful: if Proxifier is running you may cannot connect, so exit Proxifier Set up […]

Built in proxy management

In Kameleo v1.3 the fully functioning Built-in proxy management was introduced. With this function you can set up Kameleo to connect the web thru proxies. Hostname, port, username and password can be set as you can connect to different type of proxies: Socks4A Socks5 Http Ssh Video: Direct connection / No proxy: By default Kameleo […]

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